75,00 IVA Compresa

Sold by the roll.

Each roll covers 5 sqm. Roll dimensions: 50x1000h.

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Peso (kg/mq): 33kg


BRAND: Decoratori Bassanesi

LINE: LUCI DI VENEZIA – Wallpaper Luce

ROLL DIMENSIONS: 50x1000h (5 sqm)

Decoration is a fascinating universe that we explore with curiosity and passion to offer unique and refined proposals. For us, conceiving a surface means developing an idea, a new project, finding contemporary interpretations to create long-lasting coverings that stand out for their quality of materials and attention to detail.

Luci di Venezia, the exclusive collection by Decoratori Bassanesi, capable of creating unexpected light effects in each design and reflection, presents two new ceramic surfaces: Foliage and Ducale. The tonal poetry of Venice takes new shape in these two latest lines, revealing new perspectives of the city, new surfaces and colors, in an interplay of light and dark, mobile and reflective.

We approach the design and creation of new materials in a direct and sincere way, starting from the intended use of the product, to get to the heart of the creative thought and shape visual and tactile sensations. Research, study, and experimentation are enriched through collaboration with some of the most interesting figures in the interior decoration and international design scene. Each designer’s sensitivity, the needs of the designers, applicable technologies, and intended uses open up new scenarios each time. The creation of a new collection takes shape, starting from a blank sheet on which to create another composition, resulting in a unique and always surprising outcome for us.



Decoratori Bassanesi


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